Are our lives already in a book? Do we just need to write it?

Well, I decided to write a novel after thinking about many different things I discovered whilst studying archaeology and history and whilst researching into genealogy.

Life experiences had accompanied me, but as yet I had not assimilated them in to my thoughts. Upon assisting a friend with her genealogical research, I then wanted to investigate my family and my husband’s lineage. Undertaking this  investigation, along with my interest in history, some deep questions arose.

My love of the eras; ancient, pre-history and early medieval, started to comfortably slot in to place.

A major change to my thinking came when I decided (out of the blue…or was it?) to visit a medium. I was recommended a lovely lady called Denise. I had never been to a ‘reading ‘before but felt strangely compelled to go.

Denise was able to tell me things she could not have known, even to painting a picture of me as a child. Until this meeting she had never met me and the painting she gave to me on arrival was without a doubt, a bolt that really shook me. An emotional experience.

(This painting also hi-lighted 4 birds. The explanation was I had 4 in my family and 2 boys…all of which is true.)

The likeness was uncanny.

However, what came as a total surprise to me were the rocks she painted on the shore. A place I visited as a child (a place she had never known of) and loved with many happy memories. The rocks were of a specific red sandstone in a place called Seamill, West Kilbride in Scotland.

The red rocks of Seamill Beach

The painting, she said, had been given to her by my grandfather. I was surprised at this, as he had died when I was only two years old. Sadly, I was not really aware of his presence, but it was explained that he in fact ‘looks after me’. Apparently, so does my grandmother (who died when I was eight years old) a strong lady with, as I was told, a similar mind to my own.

Other things Denise described astonished me, especially as I was completely sceptical and volunteered very little information. One further point she added.  She knew I was starting to write a book, even to knowing the name I had given to the folder on my computer. I sat astounded and declared to her in that moment ‘I felt like I had just woken up.’

Looking at me, she simply laughed, almost as though it had been expected.

I went away. I thought about everything. As I began my journey to discover more, many things started to happen. A new understanding that I had to acquire knowledge, to be open to visions or dreams and generally be more aware. To this day I am open to new ideas and new discoveries. Some of these points I have mentioned in previous blogs.


So, why write a book?

Fated or otherwise, I had already started.

Now with new avenues to explore as well as looking back on my life to this point, suddenly everything began to slot into place. Like a jigsaw puzzle, the parts slowly joined to create a bigger picture. A picture with many peep holes remaining.


My book is called The Windmill. (That wasn’t what is was called on the computer folder)

The main character is called ‘Ginny’. Virginia Lewis Faulkner.

Ginny’s journey starts with an unusual inheritance of a property; a property she has never known of, bequeathed by someone she had never heard of. Why?

(At this point I hasten to add here, remember this is fictitious in script, although not in some experiences. Being gifted a property is something I’ve never experienced!)

The investigation will take Ginny on a discovery through her family history, a series of events that makes her question all that has occurred and leaving her with a need to know more about the property. Her investigation reveals the ‘skeletons’ falling out from the cupboard, that no-one in her family even knew existed.

In previous blogs, and alongside the lovely tale of Liadan and Kurither, Ginny discovers aspects of life and spirit. These allow her to search for answers. As with most journeys of discovery, more questions are raised, rather than old ones answered.

Will she too have had visions and dreams?

What will they tell her on her quest for truth?

With a story in mind, I created characters to fit in with  and help Ginny on her search. Using genealogical research and historic periods, she will search for what she is meant to discover. How will the people in her life assist her on this journey and what will she find when she starts to understand her destiny.

Probably more questions! With this discovery, her knowledge and her wisdom will grow.

Perhaps we can help Ginny and add to her discoveries?


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