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Copyediting and Proofreading

Here to make your writing dream a reality.

Would you like help with a final copyedit and proofread to finish your manuscript and publish your book?

I have self-published my debut novel The Windmill. The experience I gained in writing and producing my book will help you, the aspiring author, shape your manuscript through the many different phases. As a qualified Copyeditor and Proofreader, I can help with those final stages.


Editing and proofreading are two different things.


Involves checking grammar, punctuation and typos, and making minor copy tweaks where necessary. It is a thorough job that is usually the final step before publishing.

Proofreading involves checking consistency in design, punctuation, font size and style.

Whilst proofread, paragraph and section breaks will be checked, along with spelling and extra line spaces.

Widows (a paragraph-ending line that falls at the beginning of the following page or column, thus separated from the rest of the text) and pagination (checking all page numbering is consecutive) are thoroughly identified.

All these will help you ready your manuscript for publication.


Copyediting is where the copyeditor will assist the author in improving a manuscript before publishing. The copyeditor will check the authenticity of phrasing concerning your characters’ voice and word choice with the copyedit. 

A copyedit will help you improve the writing quality in relation to language, tenses, tone, paragraph style, pace and flow, and dialogue expression. Standard document formatting and structure is checked for consistency and spelling.

The copyedit is a thorough procedure. The manuscript is checked, line by line and a full report produced.

How I can help you…

K L A Editorial Services



PRICE: £70 Small Sample Edit1000 Words
PRICE: £140 Sample Edit2,500 Words
PRICE: £400 10,000 Full line and copyedit10,000 Words
PRICE: Subject to review of a Sample Edit and assessed on word count of the manuscript.Full line and copyeditFull Manuscript
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The Small Sample Edit can set your mind at peace as your writing journey begins.

If you want to see more, try the Sample Edit that reaches a little further with a 2,500-word limit to help illustrate your style.

The 10,000 Word Full line and copyedit is a sample of your work, where I can supply you with a line-by-line copyedit and report that will help you remain on track and stay confident of finishing your full manuscript.

The Sample Edits and Full line copyedit will illustrate your requirements and demonstrate how I work in partnership with you, the writer.

If you would then like a complete copyedit, it will be subject to review of a Sample Edit and assessed on the manuscripts word count.

It is also helpful to note that you can edit your manuscript on a ‘pay as you write’ basis, allowing you to continue creating and keep your costs down. So choose your choice of edit and keep on writing…


On completion of your manuscript it is advisable to have your work proofread. This is the final stage before publishing.


PRICE: Subject to review and assessed on word count of the manuscript. Full Manuscript
Microsoft Word Doc

A full manuscript proofread is highly recommended and would be subject to a review and assessed on the manuscripts word count. This is the final step and a thorough last check of the manuscript to polish off your work before you publish.

It is always advised that your final draft is proofread by a professional. It is another set of fresh eyes. We are, after all, only human.

For details of how I can help you, please contact me below, leaving your name, email address and a short note to explain what you would like help with and I will get back to you.

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