What is Destiny

https://youtu.be/HoUpbu7BbXY Collins online dictionary… Destiny: sometimes referred to as fate. A person’s destiny is everything that happens to them during their life, including what will happen in the future, especially when it is considered to be controlled by someone or something else. Destiny comes to us with multiple layers of meaning, alongside many connections that … Continue reading What is Destiny

Are there messages in our dreams?

The Mound, Woodbridge in Suffolk, England  I've been asked since writing The Windmill what inspired the plot and the character's connections? What ideas and thoughts were important to creating the plot? It is never one idea but an amalgamation of many that may come in many forms. One of the main concepts that I found … Continue reading Are there messages in our dreams?

Mysterious Connections…

https://youtu.be/cBNDPDeDEO0 What are Connections? There are three ‘Connections’ stories throughout The Windmill. They are mysterious… and for good reason. No, we do not know yet when they are set. What are they about and why do some characters relate to them…to dream of them? It begins with Connections I and will further connect to II … Continue reading Mysterious Connections…

The Windmill…and it’s beautiful cover.

Thank you for your wonderful feedback about The Windmill. I have also been asked many questions about the beautiful painting used upon the cover of the book.  I think you’ll agree, the cover works really well and looks fantastic…but does the choice of this particular painting mean more to the story and why was I … Continue reading The Windmill…and it’s beautiful cover.

The Windmill-A beautiful review

I have received a beautiful review from the Northern Reader blog, by Joules Barham. Visit her blog by clicking above. Take a look at her wonderful blog site and follow Joules for her insights in to new books that you may find interesting. It was fantastic to hear that Joules loved the book and connected so well … Continue reading The Windmill-A beautiful review

The Windmill-Official Launch

https://youtu.be/sW_obQHx_-0 The Windmill has come of age! Well, it has been an amazing journey not only for the book, also for me. I am so excited to have reached this day and to hold a tangible book in my hand! Thank you to everybody who has travelled this journey with me, it would not have … Continue reading The Windmill-Official Launch

The Windmill – Available Now

New and exciting update... The Windmill is available to buy now in paperback and Ebook. Click the link below for an introduction and to begin 'your journey'... The Windmill Book Page Order here from Matador: The Windmill Please subscribe and follow my blog. Share with your friends, those that you feel might like to think … Continue reading The Windmill – Available Now

The Windmill – ‘Your’ Journey Begins.

It seems the book is teasing us before going live on 28th November 2020. It would only be fair then to take a sneak preview inside, to allow 'your' journey to begin.  So, here is an excerpt chapter from the beginning of the novel 'The Windmill'. I hope you enjoy it. The Windmill CONNECTIONS I A … Continue reading The Windmill – ‘Your’ Journey Begins.

The Windmill, the story begins.

In my previous blog I explained how my journey had begun. How my ideas had been shaped by experiences, developed and turned in to a manuscript. So I'd written a book...or so I'd thought! However, there was plenty more to do. Now the book had to be produced. And my learning journey continued. An extensive … Continue reading The Windmill, the story begins.

Are our lives already in a book? Do we just need to write it?

Well, I decided to write a novel after thinking about many different things I discovered whilst studying archaeology and history and whilst researching into genealogy. Life experiences had accompanied me, but as yet I had not assimilated them in to my thoughts. Upon assisting a friend with her genealogical research, I then wanted to investigate my … Continue reading Are our lives already in a book? Do we just need to write it?