Boswell in Holland 1763-1764

James Boswell's adventures in Holland begin where his London Journal 1762-1763 finished.These accounts were not published until 1952, and many of the papers for this journal were lost in Boswell's own lifetime. As yet, they have never been recovered. When Boswell left Holland in June 1764, he packed his journal and left them with a … Continue reading Boswell in Holland 1763-1764

Boswell in London 1762-1763

James Boswell died in 1795 and became a literary sensation in 1950! But how could this be? Boswell was a prolific writer, and the Boswell Papers were one the most significant finds of English literary manuscripts ever made. They give us a fantastic account of life and events in London between 1762-1763 that augments the … Continue reading Boswell in London 1762-1763

The Windmill and Genealogy…isn’t it wonderful?

My Family, My Ancestors. I wanted to revisit my very first blog to expand upon some of the ideas and thoughts I used to create the hypothesis running through The Windmill and future books within the series. The storyboard is there, the stories are taking shape. In this blog, I explained the catalyst of events. … Continue reading The Windmill and Genealogy…isn’t it wonderful?

Are our lives already in a book? Do we just need to write it?

Well, I decided to write a novel after thinking about many different things I discovered whilst studying archaeology and history and whilst researching into genealogy. Life experiences had accompanied me, but as yet I had not assimilated them in to my thoughts. Upon assisting a friend with her genealogical research, I then wanted to investigate my … Continue reading Are our lives already in a book? Do we just need to write it?

Power of coincidence?

So, Liadan and Kurithir in an ancient story, over a thousand years old. A bardic tale spoken over the years, parts are made into myths and may become legends. Can we today, connect with our feelings in a deeper way than just feeling love, as shown in the tale by our ancestors in the past.  Feelings … Continue reading Power of coincidence?

Genealogy…isn’t it wonderful? Who knew it would lead to this?

Welcome to my first blog. A series that I hope will introduce you to the wonders that I have discovered over a decade of piecing together so much. So much in the way of enlightening me to the knowledge of the history of a family, how turns of events in that past have worked through … Continue reading Genealogy…isn’t it wonderful? Who knew it would lead to this?