Welcome to my blog site. A series that I hope will introduce you to the wonders that I have discovered over a decade of piecing together so much. So much in the way of enlightening me to the knowledge of the history of a family, how turns of events in that past have worked through time to produce who I am and even who I share my life with.

K. Lewis Adair now lives in the South West of England. Having studied Archaeology and History she has a pull to Pre-Romano/British and Anglo Saxon History.

This love of history revolves around studying how our ancestors lived. How they interacted with each other and how they might guide us to this day.

Using detailed investigation into her genealogical past, questions arose within her. Questions that led her to consider; who we are and where do we ‘spiritually’ come from, why are we pulled to the people we love and have we actually really been here before?

She is currently writing a historically based suspense thriller, called The Windmill,  centring around these deep spiritual thoughts.