The Windmill, the story begins.

In my previous blog I explained how my journey had begun. How my ideas had been shaped by experiences, developed and turned in to a manuscript. So I’d written a book…or so I’d thought!

However, there was plenty more to do. Now the book had to be produced. And my learning journey continued.

An extensive and steep curve for me. After many edits, copyedits, re-reads, rewrites, proofreads, all part of a long and amazing process…it’s now finally here! (or will be in November !).

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Travel through time with three generations as they find love and connections in

K Lewis Adair’s breathtaking debut. – Troubador Publishing 2020.

‘Told through a lens of three snapshots in time that are connected by a ‘soul’s’ journey to reunite with past loves, K Lewis Adair’s astounding fiction debut, The Windmill, focuses on three people against a stunning historical backdrop. Both spiritual and historical, it is ideal for readers looking for an emotionally-immersive read’ Troubador Publishing 2020.



About the book

The Windmill is set in three parts, together with three separate, historical ‘Connections’ back stories.

Part One:

The main character is ‘Ginny’. Virginia Lewis Faulkner.

Ginny’s journey starts with an unusual inheritance. Bequeathed by her Great Aunt, whom she and other family members, have little knowledge of following her disappearance in war-torn Holland, 1940.

Ginny begins a genealogical investigation that leads to skeletons within cupboards that have been hidden from her family. Where will this investigation take her? Who will she meet along the way and what does destiny hold in store for Ginny?

Part Two:

We are taken back in time to 1940 and we now follow Ginny’s Great Aunt. Why was she sent out to Amsterdam? She will discover shadowy dealings, whilst working as an archivist, at the Rijksmuseum. Here she is introduced to many new characters. Will we discover what befalls them?

Part Three:

Back to modern day (2005) to continue the search with Ginny for more answers. This will lead to the door of somebody we met in 1940. The three parts of the book now tie together through newfound knowledge… And leads to an historical and spiritual enlightenment.

What are Connections?

There is a story within a story.  These chapters have an ethereal feel and appear vague. How important will the connections be to our character’s search for truth and knowledge? Will it conclude in part-three of this book? Will the future only become clear by knowing the past in future books?


Read The Windmill and start your journey.

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The Windmill, will be available as paperback and eBook from 28th November 2020.

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