Spring – The Windmill and Mother’s Day

Spring regeneration There is a moment in The Windmill in Part Two as Florence, one of our main characters, is about to leave her beautiful home to begin a perilous journey. As she closes the door to her home at dawn, she notices the garden. Florence realises as she looks, there are gentle reminders in … Continue reading Spring – The Windmill and Mother’s Day

Spying Before The Great War…

Document date 1909 The National Archives KV 1/4 Director of Military operations ( M.O.5.)War OfficeLondonS.W. Whilst researching the National Archives for information pertinent to my second book in the series, I came across this document. Not only was it of historical interest, but would give a great background history to one of my characters from … Continue reading Spying Before The Great War…

How We Plan

As writers, How We Plan is a personal experience. How we approach our planning, our methods, interests and writing topics will vary. As an author of a multi-genre story that includes historical fiction there is a great degree of planning involved around the facts, bygone and ancient, that I'm looking to use within the storyline. Personally, the detail … Continue reading How We Plan

How We Write…

As writers, How We Write is a personal experience. How we approach our writing, our methods, interests and writing topics will vary.  All these considerations, conscious or otherwise, are there even before we sit down. Writers will have their own routines before putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. We might start with a drink of … Continue reading How We Write…

Why We Write…

For me, creating a book has been an education and an enlightenment into the world of 'writing'. A true learning experience. One, I am pleased to say, that is still continuing. A quote I read by George Orwell made me think about Why I Write. ‘I do not think one can assess a writer’s motives without … Continue reading Why We Write…

Christmas Special Offer: The Windmill.

Limited edition signed copy of THE WINDMILL Available for Christmas Only £8.99 (inc. P&P)(Sorry UK customers only) Please contact for international shipping Enjoy a quiet, cosy moment with your 'new' favourite book. Please subscribe and follow my blog. Share with your friends, those that you feel might like to think about some of the subjects … Continue reading Christmas Special Offer: The Windmill.

The Windmill, Connections I

https://youtu.be/cBNDPDeDEO0 What are Connections? There are three ‘Connections’ stories throughout The Windmill. They are mysterious… and for good reason. No, we do not know yet when they are set. What are they about and why do some characters relate to them…to dream of them? It begins with Connections I and will further connect to II … Continue reading The Windmill, Connections I

Remembrance: Writers as Nurses in The British Red Cross

With Remembrance Sunday approaching on 14th November in the UK, it is a time of reflection for those who gave their lives in military campaigns or had their lives taken from them due to conflict. Whilst searching through archives, I stumbled upon a familiar logo. An organisation that seems to be ever-present and at the … Continue reading Remembrance: Writers as Nurses in The British Red Cross

Halloween and The Windmill

Halloween is here once more. Are there any mysterious connections in The Windmill? Ginny who is one of the main characters in the first part of the book, The Windmill, has been bequeathed a house, by her Great Aunt Florence. Nobody in the family can recall anything about Florence who disappeared whilst on a mission … Continue reading Halloween and The Windmill

Introducing K L A Editorial Services

#Copyediting and #Proofreading Here to make your writing dream a reality. Would you like help with a final copyedit and proofread to finish your manuscript and publish your book? I have self-published my debut novel The Windmill. The experience I gained in writing and producing my book will help you, the aspiring author, shape your … Continue reading Introducing K L A Editorial Services