Are some things just meant to be?

In, Are our lives already in a book, I shared the experiences that were the catalysts to my inspiration behind creating The Windmill and the series of books to come.

Ginny, the modern day character in The Windmill slowly begins to realise, that not everything is as it seems. Many questions materialise in her search for answers. She will face concepts that are alien to her thinking, but will open her mind to so much more, to make her ask—‘are some things just meant to be’?

The Connections that she will start to discover link her to people, places and dreams.

At the beginning of the book, Ginny wakes after an unsettling dream. It stands out for its clarity of vision and leaves her with ‘an impending sense of danger…’ 

But stranger than this, another of our characters in The Windmill, Florence, has experienced a similar dream…with the same sense of danger.

Are somethings just meant to be…here is an excerpt from The Windmill, Connections II.

The mud-sodden trackway appeared empty. From here, the light of the torches could be seen further away. Her legs and feet were cold, almost numb. Using all her strength, she heaved herself out of the ditch and scrambled across the track.

On lying down, aware behind her of the steep climb through the trees, the higher view gave her a better vantage point to see what was going on. Panic rose within as she watched the searchers move closer to where Freya and the children were hiding.

What could she do? No time to hesitate; she needed to lure them away.

Stood on the track in the darkness as the silhouettes congregated nearer the ditch, she opened her mouth to scream… nothing.

Her body, rigid, petrified at the silence as she tried to contain her anxiety. Determined, she took a big breath and let out a soul-terrifying shriek born of true frustration. Eyes wide open as sweat dripped from her forehead, the lights of the torches changed direction, moving toward her.

‘Thank the gods.’

A huge sense of relief came to her in this moment, knowing she’d drawn them away from Freya and the children. It wasn’t fear that froze her to the spot; defiant, she refused to move. Within seconds the searchers converged around her. Unable to see anything but the lucent blinding light, bodies pushed at the side of her. Cognisant of her arms being pulled behind her back, she flinched at the strength of the grip. In front of her the lights parted as someone strolled toward her. Slow at first, her eyes adjusted, and she stared at the face she recognised – she was reluctant to show any emotion as he came closer.


The low timbre of his voice was calm yet sardonic as he spoke. ‘Where have you been?’

With a look of loathing, she said nothing. Next, the strike to her face took her by surprise and her cheek felt as though it had burst into flames on impact; as she winced, the hands holding her arms tightened. Again, he raised his hand and she braced herself for the inevitable contact when suddenly he stopped. In this moment, as he stared down at her, deeply into her eyes, she sensed his regret at hurting her. He turned swiftly, signaling to his men to take her away. With one last glance at him, she was sure of her intuition – but far more scared of what or who lay ahead of her.

‘Wake up, Florence.’ 

How will Ginny embrace her new found discoveries, how will she relate to them through freshly opened eyes? And how is Florence a part of this?

Will Ginny start to question…are some things just meant to be? Has her destiny already been written?

Please read The Windmill to follow Ginny in her search to find answers.


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