Are there messages in our dreams?

The Mound, Woodbridge in Suffolk, England 

I’ve been asked since writing The Windmill what inspired the plot and the character’s connections? What ideas and thoughts were important to creating the plot?

It is never one idea but an amalgamation of many that may come in many forms. One of the main concepts that I found very interesting and that I built in to the story, was that of a shared and recurring dream.

How could something seen within a dream have a significant meaning to the characters or the plot?

In The Windmill, the characters will wrestle with the significance of a dream they have, its connection to them as individuals and how it connects to others in the story. Many characters are beginning to ask the same questions about the dream and see coincidences, previously unknown to them. 

Whilst researching ideas for the story, I began to realise that dreams have led to some amazing discoveries. Whether leading to questions, a scene or location that was portrayed within, or a vision that felt so real, it was hard to imagine that you were not there.

Is it important to be aware of messages within our dreams as they can suggest so much more?

I don’t believe that I’m alone in this observation…

An amazing discovery within a dream

Whilst researching the significance of the enlightenment within dreams, I was inspired to find that one major archaeological site was discovered from such a dream. (Believe me…this isn’t the only one!).

Mrs Edith Pretty dreamt about warriors walking near a mound on her land. She believed whatever lay beneath the mound was of importance and she knew it needed to be excavated.

What she had dreamt of was in fact real

It lead to the discovery of an undisturbed Anglo-Saxon ship burial dating from the 6th and early 7th century CE. We know this site today as Sutton Hoo.

Basil Brown (front) and Lt. Cmdr. J. K. D. Hutchison excavating the 7th century burial ship at Sutton Hoo in 1939.

An image of the buried ship was revealed during excavations in 1939. Still from a film made by H. J. Phillips, brother of Charles Phillips.

Dreams or visions can be catalysts to search for truths and meanings that may otherwise have been ignored or hidden.

In The Windmill, the characters  will search for these truths, connections and coincidences…their journey will continue through the series of books to come. 

I was encouraged to see others may have seen the significance of this discovery. Perhaps another coincidence? A recent feature length film titled The Dig, will be released at cinemas on 15th January and be aired on Netflix UK from 29th January 2021. Will the production team also see the significance of the dream. I am keen to see…

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