Halloween and The Windmill

Halloween is here once more.

Are there any mysterious connections in The Windmill?

Ginny who is one of the main characters in the first part of the book, The Windmill, has been bequeathed a house, by her Great Aunt Florence. Nobody in the family can recall anything about Florence who disappeared whilst on a mission in war-torn Amsterdam in 1940.

But how does this all connect to Ginny, and why is she left a house? What did Florence want her to know? This will take Ginny on a path to find answers but will raise more questions instead.

‘But there are skeletons within the cupboard that were hidden for a reason.’

Ginny arrives at the house. One that has long since been forgotten. She opens the creaky gate with a push as the house beckons her nearer whilst the thunder grumbles amongst the darkened clouds. Raindrops spot the path as the crows call from the woods behind, cast in shadow as the forked lightning strobes the sky. Ginny stares at the door, her senses heightened, aware that she feels nervous as she lifts the key, knowing that she stands on the threshold…

Read the excerpt from the book The Windmill and enjoy.

K Lewis Adair The Windmill
K Lewis Adair The Windmill

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