Writing And Research Go Hand In Hand.

With The Windmill now sitting on my bookshelf, the busy work of producing the second book has begun. Abstract ideas, listed on the story board now need to be checked out and joined up. The surprising thing when writing a book, is just how much time you spend on research.

Delving in to books, archives and exploring the web (pre Covid, that meant visiting sites…oh the days!). Searching for a snippet of information that you can weave in to your story, that will help to build up your characters and the background to the time they lived in. To allow the reader to see your vision.

I have to say at this point, there are some amazing links to help with research. One of my favourites is The National Archives that houses so many interesting documents. Definitely worth a look.

Genealogy forms a big part within the storyline of The Windmill. There never is a simple family tree when you are creating one and research can combine very nicely with our own family genealogy, in helping to create a lineage. It adds extra interest and connection. As you delve through records, lists of names, suddenly you realise you are on a journey that leads to many stories and so much more…

My Desk…

Just how I like it!

And that’s the thing about Ancestors…

We find snippets of their lives tucked away in old boxes or tins alongside abstract photo’s. These items are partial stories that seem distant to us.

Curious, we research about our ancestors, we delve in to archives and fascinating documents that transport us back in time.

It will open our eyes to see how they lived in their words, paintings, photos and even in their actions!

They are always with us but unseen. So we take these snippets and make then whole again. We re-create our ancestor and bring them back to life.

We give them their moment to show us who they really are, to speak to us once more. And importantly it leads us to understand why they did what they did.

Seen again through fresh eyes we see how they are still connected to us…they are not lost and not forgotten.

All that we research, all that we pass on…are all stories to be told.

And books to be written.

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