Thunderstorms and The Windmill

Over here in the United Kingdom we have been experiencing some lovely sunny weather with great temperatures. It all ended with a bang last night! In the South of England we were awoken by a huge series of thunderstorms.

I awoke to an amazing flash of lightning in the night followed by a loud rumble of thunder. It made me think of a scene in The Windmill at the beginning of Part Three Chapter Forty-Four on Friday 19th August 2005.

Our main character Ginny, has just opened the door to a house that she has been bequeathed, from a Great Aunt whom she has never heard of who mysteriously disappeared in Holland in May 1940.

As she stands on the threshold of secrets to be revealed a thunder storm erupts overhead. This adds to an ambience which in turn leads to many varied emotions as the house is unveiled for the first time in what might appear to be over seventy years…

Enjoy the excerpt below.

An explosion of thunder burst into the room as the light above forked in rebellious turmoil. The room was barely visible as the lightning strobed intermittently, revealing glimpses of covered items sat preserved in situ, long forgotten through time.

Ginny stepped further into the room as another eruption powered overhead, unsettling her for a moment. James scanned the room, looking for a lamp, and noticed one on the desk. He tried the switch; it clicked on and off – nothing happened. Ginny stood motionless and realised James was speaking to her, but another loud outburst drowned out his voice. Next, he turned and made his way out of the house to fetch a torch from the car.

Outside, the rain lashed against the window as the thunder rumbled on in the distance. Ginny, alone now, drew in a deep breath, struck by a sense of familiarisation and nostalgia as she tugged at the dust cover on the desk and dropped it to the floor, staring at the preserved scene before her. All perfectly placed, as if left only yesterday. For years it had remained like this. The dust tickled at her throat as yet another flash of lightning illuminated the empty ink well sat on the desk alongside a pen and old blotter. Thoughts were triggered in her mind, but she was disturbed when she heard the door slam shut as James returned.

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