With a reflective mood descending on the United Kingdom today and perhaps around the world, the nation reflects on the life of the Duke of Edinburgh. Termed by many as ‘the grandfather of the nation.’

A sad day but also a day to remember and celebrate a life once lived.

With this in mind, our thoughts might drift to those close to us that we have lost.

Although we are sad, to lose our loved ones, they will have left us with loving memories. Thank goodness they were a part of our lives.

‘End of an Era’, was written to reflect on the moment when we close the door to them for the last time.

End of an Era

The door was closed

The key returned

A life once lived

Is there no more

The house sits empty

But the memories full

A life once lived

Is there no more

End of an era

It’s sad to view

A life once lived

Is there no more

But life must go on

To that we must be true

A life once lived

Would want you to…

Written by K Lewis Adair 09.12.2019

I know our ancestors never leave us. And for this, we can be so grateful.

Therefore today, the nation says ‘goodbye’, to the Duke of Edinburgh, but also the country celebrates his life…because life does go on, and our loved ones would not want us to be sad.

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