Why We Write…

For me, creating a book has been an education and an enlightenment into the world of ‘writing’. A true learning experience. One, I am pleased to say, that is still continuing.

A quote I read by George Orwell made me think about Why I Write.

‘I do not think one can assess a writer’s motives without knowing something of his early development. His subject-matter will be determined by the age he lives in.’

My Personal copy

When we stop and look back at our lives— and sometimes it is only when we do—we can determine what has inspired our thoughts, our interests, and how we see the world. We connect to what has happened to us in our lives, what has had an impact on us…and what we recall.

Everyone can do this and we all at times reflect retrospectively.

My love of books began very early, even to reading George Orwell’s Animal Farm when I was too young to understand its connotations…to me it was an unusual farmyard. But when I understood the background to this book, and the author, it gave me a more rounded interpretation of the story.

Wikipedia. Creative Commons

My huge fascination for history, ancient history and archaeology have been a background to my writing. Trying to picture how our ancestors used to live has led to a strong spiritual aspect of my nature. I like to view things through their eyes, to feel their lives. Genealogy helped me to see them more, as did the ancient sites I love to visit.

Of course, not every time I write something down, will it lead to a novel. Sometimes I write about how I feel in my blank book to let of steam, to express a concern or release anxiety I may have. I often add my own social comment and occasionally dabble with writing a poem.

I cannot say specifically that I ever set out to be a writer, but it is fair to say I always loved writing and telling stories, even from a young age. I have always had a huge imagination, and this has helped me immensely to conceive the ideas for my book and books to come. To create, gives me pleasure… and may explain Why I Write.

Why do you write? It would be lovely to hear from any of you about your inspirations to write or create in anyway.

Please read and enjoy. 

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