The Windmill: The Page Turner Awards 2021 Some exciting news! The Windmill has been selected for entry into Page Turner Awards 2021. It is entered into two categories; Book Award 2021 and Screenplay Award (Book adaptation). One of the judges is no other than Paul Michael Glaser, once Starsky (remember the cardigan) from the iconic Starsky and Hutch detective an … Continue reading The Windmill: The Page Turner Awards 2021

Weaving Historical Fact into Fiction?

I'm sure, as with many historical fiction authors, the information we research is spun into threads and woven into our stories. Excerpt from Part Two of The Windmill January 1940, Colonel Taverner speaking to Major Blackthorn at the War Office, London: The Windmill, K Lewis Adair 2020 Colonel Taverner and Major Blackthorn will have further … Continue reading Weaving Historical Fact into Fiction?