The Windmill: The Page Turner Awards 2021 Some exciting news! The Windmill has been selected for entry into Page Turner Awards 2021. It is entered into two categories; Book Award 2021 and Screenplay Award (Book adaptation). One of the judges is no other than Paul Michael Glaser, once Starsky (remember the cardigan) from the iconic Starsky and Hutch detective an … Continue reading The Windmill: The Page Turner Awards 2021

Mysterious Connections… What are Connections? There are three ‘Connections’ stories throughout The Windmill. They are mysterious… and for good reason. No, we do not know yet when they are set. What are they about and why do some characters relate to them…to dream of them? It begins with Connections I and will further connect to II … Continue reading Mysterious Connections…

The Windmill…and it’s beautiful cover.

Thank you for your wonderful feedback about The Windmill. I have also been asked many questions about the beautiful painting used upon the cover of the book.  I think you’ll agree, the cover works really well and looks fantastic…but does the choice of this particular painting mean more to the story and why was I … Continue reading The Windmill…and it’s beautiful cover.