Spring – The Windmill and Mother’s Day

Spring regeneration There is a moment in The Windmill in Part Two as Florence, one of our main characters, is about to leave her beautiful home to begin a perilous journey. As she closes the door to her home at dawn, she notices the garden. Florence realises as she looks, there are gentle reminders in … Continue reading Spring – The Windmill and Mother’s Day

The Windmill and Mother’s Day

To celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday, 14th March here in the UK, I thought I’d pull out a few selected excerpts from The Windmill involving the mothers in the book. These key matriarchal figures within the story are strong personalities who help develop and nurture the main characters with their strength, love and understanding.  Annie ‘At last!’ Ginny stretched up in relief, flexing her shoulders … Continue reading The Windmill and Mother’s Day