The Windmill, facts behind the historical fiction.

It was my love of history that first led me to want to write. When I'm writing historical fiction, it is important to maintain that the fiction connects with the reader. The historical facts give depth to the characters, settings and context that many with a love of that particular period or era can also … Continue reading The Windmill, facts behind the historical fiction.

How I Create Characters…

How I Create Characters, is very much a personal experience for me and I'd imagine for many other authors. How we approach creating a character’s physical appearance, personality, interests and individual traits will vary I'm sure. I draw many traits from people and fictitious characters I have observed throughout my life. Some you like and some … Continue reading How I Create Characters…

The Windmill and Mother’s Day

To celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday, 14th March here in the UK, I thought I’d pull out a few selected excerpts from The Windmill involving the mothers in the book. These key matriarchal figures within the story are strong personalities who help develop and nurture the main characters with their strength, love and understanding.  Annie ‘At last!’ Ginny stretched up in relief, flexing her shoulders … Continue reading The Windmill and Mother’s Day

How We Plan

As writers, How We Plan is a personal experience. How we approach our planning, our methods, interests and writing topics will vary. As an author of a multi-genre story that includes historical fiction there is a great degree of planning involved around the facts, bygone and ancient, that I'm looking to use within the storyline. Personally, the detail … Continue reading How We Plan